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Indie web

Pixel Glade; A nice website with plenty of cool stuff, for whatever reason their Pokémon fanfiction about climate change really appeals to me. I've also used the webmaster's dithering brushes in some of my past art.

Swifty's HQ; A personal website with a fansite-like layout and pretty neat pages to browse through.

Amriel; Personal website with fun pages and an incredibly large link directory.

Juneweb; Another personal website, I really like the Seaside Village page. Includes autoplay.

I will never be happy; A personal site with an art gallery. I really like the webmaster's character, Chouette.

Dokodemo; Created by fellow cool guy Suni, Dokodemo is one of the most fun websites hosted on Neocities... kind of terrible that every Neocities newbie tries to copy his work though.

Uncanny Valley; The amount of custom artwork made for this site is incredible! It's quite quirky and definitely full of personality.

Lazybones; A beautifully cozy website... It's as if a poem were a site. Does that make sense...? Don't answer.

Vaje; The colorful website of a Roblox gamedev with an unique aesthetic. Includes autoplay.

Ko's Crag; I absolutely adore this one- filled with fun graphics and good humor, it's a treat! Includes autoplay.

Aywren's Nook; A personal blog, mostly about the webmaster's gaming ventures.

Playmoar; A personal website containing huge link collections and the webmaster's art.

Heckscaper; The personal website of Emma Essex, the creator of Halley Labs.

NOAgarden; A colorful personal website with art, a blog and anything else the webmaster likes. Speaking of the webmaster, Moon has pretty good taste in anime.

Feeling Machine; A personal website with a large focus on fandom and alterhumanity.

ita; A website inspired by Japanese fashion magazines. Cute, fun and obviously made with love.

Apex Altra; A personal and art website that features a webcomic called Katabasis.

heckmaster/synths; A fun website filled to the brim with content. Its webmaster, Synth, has their art featured there as well.

Ashido; A personal website for webmaster Zarla to display her projects. Includes a page for let's plays and screencaps.

Monastery of Saint Blankmanger; This website is a joy to explore, wonderfully illustrated with (mostly) Byzantine art.

Lulu in Cyberspace; A website created by Lu, it's colorful and filled with personality. Tons of fun stuff here!

Nathan's Toasty Technology page; Home to the Internet Explorer is evil! page. Pretty retro, pretty funny as well.

Vertpush; A site filled with the many projects of webmaster Ohmi. Ohmi also has a site dedicated to her visual art.

Youth Culture 2000; Home to a pretty cool webzine made by two people with a passion for Y2K nostalgia.

2Bit; Made almost entirely with 2bit graphics, 2bit is a fun site about retro technology. Includes autoplay.

Cameron's World; You've likely seen this one if you're already into the indie web scene- it's a love letter to the old Internet, made with a great amount of care and archived GeoCities graphics. Includes autoplay!

The Eric Experiment; Lots of content related to retro tech. Includes a pretty cool page dedicated to the Sega Dreamcast.

Cadnomori; A cozy personal website filled with things its webmaster, Fox, loves. My personal favorite pages are the Yume Nikki shrine and rabbit holes.


Serebii; A great source for Pokémon news, guides and information.

Nose Club; Nosepass-themed Pokémon fansite with plenty of really nice art. Even if you're not really into Pokémon, there's also some art resources worth checking out!

CaptainPackrat; Early furry fandom website. Online since 2004!

Hyper Drill; A fansite dedicated to Dunsparce, Dundunsparce and the webmaster's collection of items of those Pokémon.

Bugsite; A fansite for Smilesoft's Network Adventure Bugsite. It has a ton of cool stuff, such as a complete list of the creatures from the games.

Wikifang; An indie wiki about the Smilesoft monster-taming games, which includes translation patches for most of them.

The Ham-Ham Paradise; A Hamtaro fansite, and a very cute one at that! Mostly focused on the anime.

The Robopon Iceberg; Fansite for the game Robopon, a comedic take on the monster-taming genre.

KikiyamaHP; The website of Yume Nikki's creator. Entirely in Japanese.

Book of Ages; A Jellyneo subsite covering all aspects of Neopets lore.

Jellyneo; Well-known Neopets fansite dedicated to the retail version of the game. Even if you don't play the retail version, it's great for keeping up with updates.

The Cave of Dragonflies; A Pokémon-themed website with lots of content, from fanfiction and quizzes to tips on how to create your own site!

Autumn's Grace; A fansite about various topics, I especially like the article on old fansite culture, as well as all the pages on other fansites. I think it's pretty cool to aid in the historical preservation of fandom culture!

Kirby's Rainbow Resort; One of the oldest running fansites I know of, dedicated to the powerful pink ball-creature himself!

Browser games

Pixel Cat's End; A browser pet site with unique adventuring mechanics.

Monster Breeder; A game by Neil Cicierega where you capture and crossbreed monsters to sell them for big money.

lain game; A web recreation of the PS1 Serial Experiments Lain game.

Yume Nikki Online Project; Browser-based version of Yume Nikki and some of its fangames. Allows for multiplayer.

MagiStream; A browser pet site focused on hatching eggs to collect fantasy creatures. It has really pretty pixel art.

Virtu.Pet; A recreation of old-school Neopets, with a heavy focus on quests and collections.

Modern Neopets; A recreation of old-school Neopets with a ton of custom content. I wrote some guides for it on the freebies page.

Flight Rising; A dragon-themed browser pet game with tons of features and an active community.

Icepets; Icepets is a browser pet website with a small but active community of lovely users. The staff is pretty involved and the site frequently gets updates too.

Gaming resources

3DS Hacks Guide; The ultimate guide to hacking your 3DS.

Rom Patcher JS; Browser tool for patching ROMs.

Vimm's Lair; Go-to site for downloading ROMs of old games.

Shmuplations; Various translations of Japanese game developer interviews.

The Cutting Room Floor; Indie wiki about unused and cut content from video games. Great for learning about the game development process or just to read some cool video game trivia.

The GameBoy Abyss; A website dedicated to GBA game reviews. Pretty funny stuff, especially when it comes to the articles on shovelware.

The Spriters' Resource; The go-to site for video game spriting resources.

BlueMaxima's Flashpoint; An amazing archive of Flash games! Kind of a pain to get it to run on Linux, but very much worth it.

CrossingDesigns Tumblr blog; A huge collection of custom ACNH designs.

ProtonDB; Linux and Steam Deck compatability reports for Steam games.

Can You Run It?; Website to help you figure out if you can run a game on your PC. Includes a browser-based app that evaluates if a game will run a game (only works on Windows though).

Webdev resources

Favicon.ico Generator; A neat tool to create .ico files.

Lissa Explains it All; Many people learned to code as children here, and it's actually still a pretty useful site for beginner webmasters! Also, those cursors are just adorable.

W3Schools; Obligatory W3Schools link. Can you blame me? It's a great resource for web developers!

Zonelets; Free JS-based blogging engine. Pretty cool if you just want a personal blog and don't really know where to start learning how to code.

HTML Color Codes; I like this color database over all the others because it has a simple, easy-to-navigate layout. Includes a color picker and a tool to pick colors from images.

Neocities; The free web hosting website where I got my start! It's still pretty dear to me.

Broider; Browser-based tool that you can use to create your own custom borders.

Flexbox Froggy; An interactive tutorial on how to style flexboxes featuring frogs!

Miscellaneous resources

Dragon's Roost; A website primarily dedicated to sharing alterhuman (namely nonhuman and plural) resources.

ArchWiki; The main source for help regarding Arch(-based) Linux. Helped my ass plenty of times!

Fantasy Name Generators; It's amazing how useful this site is for worldbuilding.. especially if you're bad at naming things (like me).

Imgbox; Image-hosting site, it's what I use for the larger image files featured in my web projects.

Based Cooking; A simple recipe site with no ads or trackers.

Web graphics

HypnOS GIF archive; a collection of GIFs from the game Hypnospace Outlaw.

Diabella Loves Cats; Mostly known for unique and vintage web graphics of cats and dogs. This site also includes a lot of other pet-related pages.

Re:Hoeass; A ton of cute Animal Crossing themed pixel art, featuring almost every villager and item! Entirely in Japanese.

GifCities; One of Internet Archive's projects, where you can search for old gifs from GeoCities.

Sukiyaki City; A site with plenty of free-to-use graphics, though my favorite page is the Junko Furuta tribute page.

SunnyNeo; A Neopets fansite that, besides covering Neopets news, includes plenty of original graphics.

Dr. Sloth's Neopets Image Emporium; An archive of official Neopets images.

CatStuff; This old-school website is entirely dedicated to cats, with fairly large galleries of free-to-use graphics. It's also a huge hub of information and stories about our dear feline companions.

Interesting reads

God Did the World a Favor by Destroying Twitter (12ft mirror); «The real reason Twitter lies in ruins is because it was an abomination before God. It was a Tower of Babel.»

The Subtle Art of Public Vandalism by Nephro; The article that inspired me to start drawing on things I'm not supposed to.

The Gutterotica Manifesto; A powerful statement against artistic censorship.

Cyber Mauseoleums by neonaut; An argument against deletion.

Toby Fox's Secret Base; Translations of Toby Fox's monthly column on the Japanese gaming magazine Weekly Famitsu. The one about Yume Nikki is my favorite!

Sound & music

Video Game Music; An archive of video game soundtracks that are hard to get a hold of in MP3/lossless forms.

Lauren Bousfield on Bandcamp; Also known as Nero's Day at Dysneyland and In-House Pharmacy. Plenty of good stuff here!

billwurtz; The website of Bill Wurtz, featuring free songs, music videos and lyrics.

June LaLonde on Bandcamp; I recently re-discovered her work, I listened to a lot of her songs when I was 14 and she's just as great as I remember.

Halley Labs on Bandcamp and Halley Labs Back Catalog; One of my favorite musicians, I actually bought their entire discography because I love their work that much. Been listening to their songs since I was 12!

Rainbow Hunt; A sound generator based around rainy weather.

Defonic Ocean noise generator; Sea-themed sounds for relaxing... unless you hate the ocean, in which case it's probably not very efficient.

Visual art

ASCII by Lorrie; One of my favorite ASCII artists! These even have color!!

BeebFreeb; Home of the Daisy in DreamLand graphic novel. Includes a series of webcomics about a wizard.

Wyvy; An art website with a lot of neat art, along with some of the creator's original writing.

Chili Com Carne; Website of a Portugal-based association of comic artists that doubles as a publisher. Primarily in Portuguese.

The Book of Zines; A site all about zines. Online since 1996!

Digital Transgender Archive's zine collection; An incredible collection of queer zines, primarily focused on transgender issues.

ScumSuck; 18+! ScumSuck's art is a great blend of cute and gross. Cool if you like gore, erotica and/or gory erotica.

Occassionally, content; An art website filled with amazing black-and-white art.

RGB Teahouse; The art site of artist PJ, whose art I absolutely adore.

Ranfren; Ranfren is a surrealist comic with pretty quirky art. The site doubles as an art archive and blog for the creator.

Bikobatanari; The personal website of artist Biko. I find their articles to be quite fascinating as well.

Stolen Prints; The website of a risoprint studio based in Portugal. I've printed stuff here! Entirely in Portuguese.

Desde Un Sótano En Un Cerro; Mostly dedicated to wonderful photography. Entirely in Spanish.

Zona Plankton; The personal website of artist noo.dll, with plenty of cool art! besides drawings, there's also original music.


Text Files; A giant archive of text files from various sources, focused on the years 1980-1995.

archives.design; A curated archive of items related to graphic design from the Internet Archive.

Internet Archive; Of course I had to include it! Home to the Wayback Machine, it's an amazing documentative tool.

Flipnote Archive; Almost every Flipnote uploaded from Flipnote Hatena has been archived here. Besides really cool animation, you can see how meme culture used to be.

Archiverse; An (admitedly incomplete) archive of Miiverse posts. There's a lot of stuff to browse through, over 16 terabytes of data.

Information & education

Digital Transgender Archive; An Internet project dedicated to making transgender history more accessible.

Grackle's Place; An amazing directory of useful and historic LGBT+ content.

The Deep Sea; Site that shows you the different kinds of creatures that roam the sea (and how deep they do so) as you scroll down.

Deceptive design; A site exposing websites and apps that trick you into doing things you didn't necessarily mean to do for their benefit. It also explains how deceptive design works.

Catalogue of Life; A free list of all known species referenced by scientific name. Aimed towards taxonomists, but still useful if you're into the science of nature.


undoJesus; Anti-Christianity site, its creator is against religion in general though.

Derek Savage; Ever wanted to look at the website of Cool Cat's creator? ... No?

awesome-pickup-lines; They're open-source and guaranteed to get you laid. One of those claims is false.

Trollpasta Wiki; An archive of parody or just straight-up so-bad-they're-comedic creepypastas.

Weird Al Male Pregnancy Theory; An... interesting theory about Weird Al, written in all-caps. Not entirely sure if it's a joke, as it's been maintained for over 2 years. Includes autoplay.

Documentation of the FF7 House; The story of a cult-like household based around Final Fantasy 7 soulbonding.

Black People Love Us!; Old website parodying white people that totally aren't racist.

In memoriam

Invisible Games; You might recognize this if you're familiar with the Killswitch creepypasta/urban legend. Its creator, Catherynne M. Valente, is a talented writer that has won multiple awards and even contributed to the creation of the mythpunk subgenre.

eighty eight by thirty one; If you ever wondered «What's up with those button things?», this site described the start of the trend and how it got popular, along with galleries with plenty of old buttons.

ManekiNekoClub; An old website dedicated to the Maneki Neko. Includes pages in Japanese and in English.

MewHeart; Really cute Pokémon pixel art! Besides this archive, there's a recreation website on Neocities.

Online Digimon; While I didn't know about this one when it was active, it's still a pretty neat Digimon fansite. Not all the images were archived correctly though.

Suta-Raito; One of the very first sites I ever dedicated a large amount of time to checking out regularly, Suta-Raito defines many people's early experiences with fandom culture and personal websites. The former webmaster, now known as Kuitsuku, works for Disney now!

The Happy Galgomon Gif Factory; Sadly, this neat Digimon pixel art site was poorly archived and went offline very suddenly after the passing of its domain/server holder. The only pages available besides the homepage now are this one and the external links page. You can read more about what happened here.

AniKaos; An early effort in archiving graphics- this site was made to archive Japanese kaoani graphics in a site written in English, since even back then site deletion was an issue.

Valley of Nightmares; An old fansite that was quite popular when it was up. Has a certain edge that a lot of fansites lacked.

P.A.T.R.I.C.K. Crusade; I thought it was the website of a potential cult at first, but it seems to be a website about a lady's personal philosophy and ideals. I find myself agreeing with her on a lot of things, though the world she evisions is too utopian to be realistic.

Arkeis; One of the first fansites I ever visited, dedicated to Pokémon. It was maintained by a very skilled artist that seemingly doesn't have an online presence anymore.

Zelda's Castle; A cute fansite dedicated to the Legend of Zelda series.

Other topics

Xenia, the Linux mascot; The history of Xenia, a suggested alternative to Tux made in 1996, and how she became a trans rights icon.

Killed by Google; List of discontinued Google products/services/whatever.

Last words; Transcripts and recordings of the last words of pilots of planes that crashed.

Faces of Suicide; A website to remember those who took their own lives.