The insomniac Krittles

There was a Krittle who liked to bite.
His soul was perturbed,
for his sleep was disturbed
by a nightmare one night.

The Krittle had bags under his eyes,
he just couldn't sleep after the nightmare!
Whenever he spoke, others would stare
and wonder if he'd been up 'till the sunrise.

Another Krittle he met, who just like him,
was tired and couldn't sleep at all.
They talked and talked, until it was nightfall,
and the pair decided to watch the sunlight dim.

They stood awake for hours, afraid of their dreams,
distracting themselves from how tired they were.
At one point they hugged, and in a strange blur,
they slept peacefully until hit by sunbeams.

When they woke up, they took a vow
to help each other sleep if something was amiss.
To seal it all, instead of a kiss,
the Krittles bit each other on the brow.

What is this?

This was my entry for IcePet's 2023 Cheesy Love Poem contest.

I tried to make it something that, while cheesy, would be fun to read throughout the year and not just on Valentine's. Also, this was the first rhyming poem I made that I actually kind of like.

Hopefully you kind of liked it too.