Instant noodles

Chicken Flavor · Wai Wai

Pretty damn good! The only thing I can really complain about is that the seasoning had too much garlic (then again, I'm incredibly picky with the amount of garlic in food). I liked that the spicy seasoning was separate from the regular seasoning- I'm a big fan of spiciness, but many people aren't, so i appreciate the thought.

The packet had instructions, obviously, but one of the suggestions was just straight-up deranged... it was to «munch it», which in their words means to «open pack and seasonings, mix well and eat from the pack»?! I have no idea who in their right mind would eat uncooked noodles, seasoned or not. What a strange suggestion.


Banzai Noodle Chicken Flavor · Cigala

Eh. A bit too salty, honestly, but otherwise okay. Weirdly enough, Cigala decided to include a racist caricature in their branding...?


Demae Ramen Miso · Nissin

I typically really like Nissin noodles, but this one wasn't really it... Too salty for me. However, there was a slightly spicy aftertaste that I enjoyed.


Noodles Beef Teriyaki · Pingo Doce

Can anyone at all explain why these store-brand noodles fuck so hard? It's an amazing blend of sweet, salty and spicy.. on store-brand noodles... what??


Original Mushroom Flavor · Koka

Koka noodles all taste pretty cheap (even by instant noodle standards), mostly because they are. This one? Yeah, it just tastes like mushroom sauce.


Original Tomato Flavor · Koka



Cup Noodles 5 Spices Beef · Nissin

A spin on the classic. It's pretty nice, as Nissin's Cup Noodles tend to be.